Guide on LG V30 AOSP ROMs, troubleshooting & recommendations

defcon 8

So I’ve been flashing custom ROMs for several years now and have flashed almost ALL ROMs available for every phone I used.
On this page, I’ll basically talk about AOSP ROMs, their bugs, possible solutions, suggested Mods to use etc.

LG V30 Custom ROM reviews:

General Tips

1. All Pie AOSP ROMs except LOS16 Beta need Oreo Blobs i.e. Oreo Firmware
2. All Android 10 and 11 AOSP ROMs except Pie Blobs i.e. Pie Firmware. Just use any pie firmware compatible with your variant.
3. If the ROM doesn’t boot for you or you have issue of camera & Flashlight not working then try using permissive SElinux. Flash this in TWRP and select permissive:
4. Recommended Gapps:
5. If CTS is false which makes safetynet not pass, which means no netflix, google pay and other apps that detect root. This be easily resolved by this module: . Simply type props in the terminal after granting root access. Edit fingerprint and then choose pixel 3 Android 10 or 9.
6. LG camera does not and will never work on AOSP. Use Gcam from here: (Much better pictures than stock camera)

AOSP Pie ROMs after Stock Pie

If you flash pie KDZ then AOSP ROMs like LOS, RR, havoc won’t work properly.(might not boot or things like camera may not work).

Even if you flash Oreo KDZ and then flash AOSP ROMs, the camera and flashlight won’t work on enforcing but will work on permissive selinux.
But even on permissive a few sensors may not work(e.g. pocketmode). Still ROMs work decently if you downgrade to oreo firmware.
There is no workaround for this.

Note: Los17, Liquid Q and any other Android 10 ROMs need Pie firmware.

Stock Pie after Q AOSP ROMs

If Camera and flashlight doesn’t work for you on stock pie after Q ROMs then do this:-
1) Restore persist in TWRP that you backed up from stock Pie
2) Dirty flash twrp zip of the stock ROM
3) If 1 doesn’t work then Flash this in TWRP and select permissive: . This will definitely fix the camera for you.

Bugs on Android 11 ROMs
NOTE: Work in progress, not for daily use.

  1. No VoLTE or VoWifi
  2. AOD wakeup may lead to black screen
  3. 3. AOD brightness can’t changed. OLED Saver app can be used to change

Bugs on Android 10 ROMs
1. Wifi may or May not work for you
If it doesn’t work then try:
2. If wifi is unstable try Flashing oreo modem(using img file in twrp)
a) H930 Modem:
b) US998 Modem:

These steps may not fix the wifi for some. No other solution.
3. AOD brightness can’t changed. OLED Saver app can be used to change

4. Android Auto doesn’t work
5. No VoLTE or VoWifi
6. Turn off wifi scanning under location settings otherwise you’ll have soft reboots while turning on/off Wifi.
If you are having sim issues after a soft reboot because of this, turn airplane mode on and off!
7. Sprint has some issues:
8. Screencast doesn’t work too well.

Bugs on Pie ROMs

1. No VoLTE or VoWifi
2. AVC reset bug when you pause and play music.
3. Have to say ‘Ok Google’ twice to launch google assistant.
4. Static sound on loudspeaker on video calls, PUBG etc. Use earphones and it will work fine.
5. Sprint has some issues:
6. U.S. Verizon carrier users have to make a phone call after any reboots to receive texts.
7. Screencast broken.

Warning: These are from my experience. Using customs ROMs can cause you issues. I am not responsible for anything that goes wrong with your device so proceed with caution.

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1 year ago

I have an problem with sensors and camera.
Firstly im in aix rom all going well, then want to try Q roms (LOS 17) and all works fine
But after i back to aix my sensor n camera doesnt work, it must flash permissive patcher like your solution.
And this always happen after i flashing pie rom, i must flash this patch after installing rom

Why this happen? Are this can back to first condition? Thanks and sorry for my bad english

1 year ago
Reply to  defcon

Are you mean position in Q rom, then dirty flash stock rom. Then clean flash stock rom?

1 year ago

Jio4g voice was working for few hrs on my phone on LOS then I have twrp back up and then flash stock pie (TWRP RESTORE) that work fine but now I m again on LOS but now JiO4g voice app not working how to solve please I need help.

11 months ago

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I installed Resurrection Remix and flashlight, screen rotate and camera were not working but your SELinux flash file solved all these problems 🙂

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