Python Meets Excel: A Game-Changer for everyone


Microsoft is taking a monumental step by integrating Python, a leading programming language, into its Excel platform. This fusion is set to redefine how businesses and individuals approach data analysis and visualization. With this integration, users can effortlessly combine the analytical prowess of Python with the user-friendly interface of Excel, […]

Best smartphone under 25k


OnePlus CE3: Ce3 lite: Moto g82 Take a look at this Google Pixel 6a (Charcoal, 128 GB) on Flipkart Take a look at this REDMI Note 12 Pro 5G (Onyx Black, 128 GB) on Flipkart

After Twitter, reddit goes after 3rd party apps!


Reddit, the social news aggregation and discussion platform, has announced that it will begin charging developers for access to its API (application programming interface). The move comes as part of a broader effort to monetize the platform and generate revenue from sources other than advertising. According to a Reddit spokesperson, […]

How to Debloat Xiaomi, Poco and Redmi phones


It is suggested you setup your device completely before proceeding with the debloat. Credit to N7-BADA for most of the commands and guiding me ( Note: I am not responsible for any bootloops, data loss or any other damage caused to your device. Please modify the list in case you […]

Binance learn and earn free crypto Terra (LUNA) answers

Aakash 1

Rewards: $1 LUNA, $1 UST, $1 ANC What Is Terra (LUNA)?Terra is a blockchain specializing in fiat-backed stablecoins with a seignorage mechanism using their utility, governance, and staking token LUNA.. Link: Answers:- I forgot to add the 5th question, comment the question below and I will add the answer.

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